#40 Compassion Matters

It is 3AM in the morning. And after months of thinking about writing this blog, I felt pushed out of bed to finally do it.

In short, it is sympathy, empathy, compassion that has been on my mind. I wound up sorting it out this way. When witnessing or becoming aware of a disaster, tragedy, someone’s crisis, the response may be;

Sympathy – meaning, that it is too bad, that is awful.

It could be empathy – meaning the experience of feeling what the people involved may be going through.

It could be compassion – meaning, being connected on the plane of Oneness, where we are all entangled, entrained. On that level of vibration, we calmly, peacefully, gently, patiently radiate Light and Love. That’s it. To simply be present, trusting that our contribution, to the web of life, will support the intended outcome.

A George Fox (Quaker) quote captures a sense of this for me.

“….I saw, also, that there was an ocean of darkness and death; but an infinite ocean of light and love, which flowed over the ocean of darkness. In that also I saw the infinite love of God, and I had great openings.”

Dear Ones, let us join together and pour our light and love over the darkness. Let us be aware of the Great Love that holds us always. Let us remember that we ARE One.

In loving companionship on this magnificent journey,


# 39 How We Became One

Having been awakened at 3:30 AM this morning, the urge to write this blog cannot be resisted. My understanding of the topic has been evolving over the years. However, recently I experienced a leap in this understanding, which I delight in sharing, even if it may be old news to you. I proceed trusting that, you will overlook my limitations and stay with the gist of the story.

Of course, the idea that we are all one is not new. As is true for many of us, it is something that I have expressed over many years. But as time went on I developed a curiosity about the details of that. It is my wandering around the field of quantum healing, the quantum field, in recent years, which opened up new pathways for me. My knowledge of physics is minuscule but a couple pieces of information seem to have registered.

The first one was about two particles. Once they have been connected, they both respond to stimulus instantly, no matter how far apart they are, even light years. It is not about sending information to the other when one is stimulated. They both react instantaneously. Research confirms this but has no explanation about why this happens. Einstein was quite impatient about this and called it “spooky action at a distance”. Apparently scientists still call it that.

Then came the idea of entrainment, entanglement. Again, once anything has been entangled it reacts as one organism. There is more to it but for now close enough.

Even limited to these two ideas, I could see how we as human beings could have an effect on each other as one organism. How what I think, say, do, impacts every other human being, if we had ever been entangled. Clearly, I have not been in contact with billions of people, so how could that be?

Then I listened to one of Gregg Braden’s broadcasts. He was talking about discoveries, information related to our origins. The details are many and can be interpreted in a number of ways depending on our own orientation. However, the basic idea that we all come from the same source, slipped a cog in me. It suddenly made sense to me about our entanglement. We originated as One. And even though we are now at varying distances from each other, we are still One. So many implications flow from this but, how these pieces came together for me in a new way bring me joy.

This is not the end of the trail. I’m now looking at deepening my understanding and experience of Source, beyond the current and conventional options. So fantastic what awaits for discovery right under the surface.

My dears, that is the best I can do right now. Do share your understanding of our all being One. In this way we help each other to wake up and realize more and more who we truly are.

In Light and Love, Hedi

#30 Standing in the Unknown


The frenzy, to share what I keep learning, is gone. The motivation to blog has taken on some different shape. Not sure exactly what that means. I do know that it reflects yet another shift within me. These changes seem to keep speeding up. What is all this adding up to you might ask, as I do ask myself. Since I don’t have the answer, I decided  to honor the urge to start writing this blog and see what wants to be written, if anything. Continue reading “#30 Standing in the Unknown”

#27 Good Will The Path to Peace

My friend Abbie and I just participated in a planetary meditation with James Twyman, the Peace Troubador. The general intention of this collective energy was to direct it toward peace in Syria and the region.

During this fifteen minute time of focus and visualization, an image of a huge wave of peace, the size of a tsunami, moving Continue reading “#27 Good Will The Path to Peace”