#20 Electromagnetic Frequencies and Health

This past week I experienced an injection of motivation to get more serious about electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) in my environment. I have been aware of and concerned about this for some years and have taken somewhat half-hearted steps to address it. However, for the past few days I’ve been reading Dr. Robyn Benson’s #1 best seller, Continue reading “#20 Electromagnetic Frequencies and Health”

#17 More Basics of Everyday Life – From Pamela

As  I mentioned in my last blog, my friend Pamela and I have been sharing the many life journeys, including the one dealing with health. She agreed to share more of our perspectives in the entry below. I’ll be listing two notes from her to keep it all together. Thanks Pamela.

Hello Hedi,

Continue reading “#17 More Basics of Everyday Life – From Pamela”