# 39 How We Became One

Having been awakened at 3:30 AM this morning, the urge to write this blog cannot be resisted. My understanding of the topic has been evolving over the years. However, recently I experienced a leap in this understanding, which I delight in sharing, even if it may be old news to you. I proceed trusting that, you will overlook my limitations and stay with the gist of the story.

Of course, the idea that we are all one is not new. As is true for many of us, it is something that I have expressed over many years. But as time went on I developed a curiosity about the details of that. It is my wandering around the field of quantum healing, the quantum field, in recent years, which opened up new pathways for me. My knowledge of physics is minuscule but a couple pieces of information seem to have registered.

The first one was about two particles. Once they have been connected, they both respond to stimulus instantly, no matter how far apart they are, even light years. It is not about sending information to the other when one is stimulated. They both react instantaneously. Research confirms this but has no explanation about why this happens. Einstein was quite impatient about this and called it “spooky action at a distance”. Apparently scientists still call it that.

Then came the idea of entrainment, entanglement. Again, once anything has been entangled it reacts as one organism. There is more to it but for now close enough.

Even limited to these two ideas, I could see how we as human beings could have an effect on each other as one organism. How what I think, say, do, impacts every other human being, if we had ever been entangled. Clearly, I have not been in contact with billions of people, so how could that be?

Then I listened to one of Gregg Braden’s broadcasts. He was talking about discoveries, information related to our origins. The details are many and can be interpreted in a number of ways depending on our own orientation. However, the basic idea that we all come from the same source, slipped a cog in me. It suddenly made sense to me about our entanglement. We originated as One. And even though we are now at varying distances from each other, we are still One. So many implications flow from this but, how these pieces came together for me in a new way bring me joy.

This is not the end of the trail. I’m now looking at deepening my understanding and experience of Source, beyond the current and conventional options. So fantastic what awaits for discovery right under the surface.

My dears, that is the best I can do right now. Do share your understanding of our all being One. In this way we help each other to wake up and realize more and more who we truly are.

In Light and Love, Hedi

10 thoughts on “# 39 How We Became One

  1. I love this understanding of oneness! I love this remembrance that we’re are of one source, organic and perhaps inorganic materials, the nature of which we cannot necessarily decipher. I wonder about the individuals of us, how we’r resonate with some seemingly more than others, though, the light and the shadow comprise us all of course. I continue to focus on heart energy, love and light from the heart and know I recognize those aspects in others. That particular focus I believe to be transformative. Thank you Hedi, for this centering today!❤


  2. Yes yes yes! And isn’t this what all the creation stories from around the world affirm. I LOVE your ongoing sense of discovery and curiosity (they go together, don’t they?!). What a great role model you continue to be for me. I delight in your insights, written and verbal; they nourish my soul. Thank you!


    1. Thank you Jean. What a great day it would be to bring everyone together for a retreat at Durward’s Glenn and explore all this. Ahh, the old days.:)) Lately I have been thinking about the many wonderful retreats out there. Not sure what it means.


  3. Interesting points you make, Hedi. Clearly there is a lot we don’t understand in a linear way. My lived experience is of being primarily an energy field that interacts with “others” as energy fields. Solid matter makes it look like we are separate, but fluid, moving energy interacts differently. If you think of each of us as water or air, it is no surprise that when we contact anyone else, we affect one another.


    1. Yes Janet. I have always loved the statement ” I am not in my body my body is in me “. And we know that the field generated by the heart radiates out about 8 feet. So even at the most basic level we interact energetically with each other. It’s all so fascinating.


  4. Very interesting post, Hedi!!! I did study physics and quantum mechanics, but the books and courses I studied never touched on the very deep philosophical implications. Only later have I become aware of just how truly strange our universe is. To go deeper into the science I can recommend the book “Quantum enigma” by Bruce Rosenblum and Fred Kuttner, physicists at Univ. of Calif., Santa Cruz. The book is written for the layperson, but it is a challenging read. When I have more time I would like to read it again! The first chapter opens with two quotes from Einstein:
    “I have thought a hundred times as much about the quantum problem as about general relativity theory.”
    “I cannot seriously believe in [quantum theory] because … physics should represent a reality in time and space, free from spooky action at a distance.”

    i expressed my own sense of the one year before last in this poem:

    The One

    When connected with the One
    All choices cease
    Way is open and mind is clear.

    When you enter again into the world of form
    Pine not for what you left behind
    Be at peace and know
    That in truth you never left.

    Best wishes in your continued exploration!

    Love and light,
    Bob Oberg


    1. Your poem captures it beautifully.
      The multidimensional experience in this Earth School is absolutely fascinating.
      So glad you resonate with all that as well.
      Light and Love dear Bob,


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