# 38 Another New Life Cycle

This morning I woke to a glorious sunrise, which I watched for an hour while sipping the most delicious cup of coffee, in bed. A recurrent thought of recent times
appeared, ‘it’s time to write a blog’. To honor this nudge, I’m starting, with more to follow. Here  goes.

Just when I was wondering what the Divine had in mind about my time on Earth, something wonderful happened. My dear niece Susan married a lovely man Jim. Since we would no longer be living together, I was given what I ultimately understood as a great gift, preparing for a new cycle, learning more about myself and others. To be clear, there were ups and downs along the way. But what lives in me is the most beautiful present moment.

I’ve had another chance to downsize even more ( such a relief to be unburdened from stuff) and live in a bright, peaceful, welcoming, apartment. It is small but with spacious rooms and  even has a gas fireplace. I love this moment in my life cycle. Rather than fading, I feel energized in this Refuge, prepared to serve in whatever way the Divine has in mind for me. One of my daily mantras is, “I am yours, You are mine, We are ONE.

There are some physical challenges. But most of the time I have found ways to deal with them and keep my attention on the Path…..for however long or short that may be.

Most noteworthy though, all this is only possible because of the huge amounts of support I was and continue to be given. This moment would not be possible without the many dear, dear friends, angels, who help me on all levels of this journey. I feel so loved and cared about. My heart is filled with love and gratitude for each. That includes my Quaker faith community as a whole, which held me in the Light along every step of the way.

More another day. Glad to be starting this part of the way forward with all of you.

In Light and Love, Hedi

7 thoughts on “# 38 Another New Life Cycle

  1. What a lovely post, Hedi, to find as I awoke from a short nap, or attempt at one! You set a wonderful example for all of us as we continue on life’s journey. I too, in different ways, have felt such an incredible infusion of love and support from so many directions, I am left in awe.

    This morning I met a woman and her dog that I often see on my early morning walk. This time it was different. She thanked me for the poem I had given her husband. I had met her husband for the first time a week ago Saturday. I had sat down on a rock wall to journal, pondering how to share the precious communion that I’ve felt since my wife died. What came was a poem. Just as I finished a man came up with his dog and asked me if I was resting. I said yes, and that I had just finished writing. I told him I regularly took this walk with my late wife. He said he knew. When she died over seven years ago from being hit by a vehicle, he was interviewed on television about the accident. He had tears. He was glad to finally meet him. And today the loop closed seeing his wife — and, of course, it was the same dog!

    I had been pondering about a book. A friend sent me a thoughtful email suggesting my experiences can be shared in different ways. And now comes your lovely blog, Hedi, offering an opportunity to share a story and a poem..

    Our Journeys Home

    We have both been granted precious gifts
    Yes, both of us
    My great gift was you
    You were there for me
    At my time of greatest need
    You were my steadfast companion
    Through the trials of my life
    You walked with me on my last day
    As I walk with you now.

    As you listen to the birdsongs
    And feel the cool breeze this summer morning
    You are receiving a renewed call
    To our joint purpose
    To share our precious gift
    To honor what God has bestowed to us
    And tell our story of communion
    That we may comfort those in need
    That they may find peace
    On their journey home.

    Love and light,


    1. Oh such a lovely poem and story. Thank you Bob for sharing. There was something special in the heavens and on earth this morning. Can hardly wait to see how tomorrow will be. Life is so full of wonders..


  2. This is beautiful Aunt Hedi and so clearly states all you’ve been saying and living. You are an inspiration.


  3. Oh how wonderful you wrote. I have missed you as my original facebook page disappeared and have asked a few people to let you know I wanted to refriend you but the way your page was set up I could not do so. Anyhow thanks so much for your musings as it is a place that I visit as of late. I still have Ron as my roommate time and enjoying our tho I haven’t been in service to humanity much for quite awhile. I believe in my path as exactly where I am I AM so mostly I have been listening attending to now as it presents itself. I always enjoy your words. What a delight when I opened my email today. Hugs to you dear one. Mir’iam

    On Wed, Jul 3, 2019 at 1:11 PM Hedi’s Illuminations wrote:

    > hediweiler posted: “This morning I woke to a glorious sunrise, which I > watched for an hour while sipping the most delicious cup of coffee, in bed. > A recurrent thought of recent times appeared, ‘it’s time to write a blog’. > To honor this nudge, I’m starting, with more to foll” >


    1. Dear one, I just happened to come across this lovely note from you.
      Will have to see about Facebook. Or has it been corrected.
      So much has been going on that I do not recall. Definitely want to be connected with you on all levels. Love, Hedi


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