# 37 Bringing In The Light

The subject of The Light and bringing in the Light has been a fascination of years for me. There, of course, are endless ways to explore this. However, I will share just two fairly recent experiences.

One day, some weeks ago, I had a sense of great darkness all over the world. I closed my eyes, sitting quietly. An image appeared. I found myself in a completely dark room, could see absolutely nothing. Then I found myself striking a match, followed by lighting one candle and then more. Eventually, I saw and flipped a switch. The whole room filled with light, no darkness was left, not even in the corners.

As I reflected on this, I realized that my only focus had been to bring in more light. Not once did I think about or engage with the dark. It simply receded and eventually disappeared as more light was generated. Since this experience, I keep reminding myself to pay attention to generating light.

The next event started with a quote I saw.

“A rockpile ceases to be a rockpile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

This quote stayed with me and some days later, was on my mind during Quaker Worship, that hour of entering into expectant Silence.

I found myself contemplating all the individuals present, bearing within myself the image of Beings of Light. Very quickly, I sensed each of us as a Being of Light. As I joyfully continued contemplating this, it felt like we became connected in some way which created one great sphere of Light which filled the entire room. Such a sense of  connection, oneness, heightened sense of awareness followed. I had the thought that this could ripple out in ever greater spheres but I did not feel inclined to follow that stream, in that moment.

All is still in process however, I feel affirmed in my belief that whatever we give attention to will reveal itself to us and manifest more fully. Am continuing to contemplate and bear within myself the image of Light which is present in everything and everywhere and at all times.

What are your thoughts, experiences about the Light?

In Light and Love, Hedi


11 thoughts on “# 37 Bringing In The Light

  1. Reading this again and again. I am going to focus on the last sentence and bring it back around to the opening meditation. I will do this in every encounter I can this week. Thank you again dear Hedi. (Not sure my first comment posted yesterday)


  2. Thank you for this lovely reminder that we are all called to be part of “the light.” I saved this post until I had time to give it my full attention, and I’m glad I did. I will try to honor your message by being more mindful this week of my opportunities to be a “being of light”. You are certainly that for me, and I am so grateful.


  3. I liked this post when I first read it, and I like it now when I come back to it.( I gave a friend a link to your blog, Hedi.) I don’t know if I was at Meeting when you had the sense of Beings of Light in April, but I remember clearly the experience this January when the same phrase came up again. As I told you afterwards, that resonates with me a lot, and I would like to share with everybody the poem I gave you — the second poem I ever wrote, back in 1984.

    I give you but your own
    You have given so much to me
    You have taught me once again
    To love life … and poetry!

    Light … sound … love … joy
    Caring … sharing … believing
    You have given me new hope!
    You have quickened the breath of life.

    Life that was always precious
    … but, oh so serious!
    Now may I laugh, sing, dance
    You have given me a new chance!

    I give you but your own
    Light beings of my soul
    (You know who you are!)
    You have helped me to see
    You have set me free!


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