#34 The Relevance in the Present of Past Experiences

We often say that, it is important to learn from our past experiences and lessons learned. And while generally I still believe that, recently I find myself wondering about this. It has all come about because I find myself wanting to put everything I have ever learned, taught, believed, behind me. Not rejecting any of it. More like toys I have played with, which are now worn and shabby and no longer hold my attention or interest. I keep thinking about a huge, beautiful door opening and stepping into a whole new world and level of experience.

In that space there would be an experience of what I’m sensing these days. That we are so much more than we think we are. Beings of Light and Love. What does that really mean on the material, human, earth plane life? The words are very familiar. But right now I have an inner something stirring. Part of it is not to fall  into old patterns of thinking and seeing and being; such a strong urge to release everything I have considered as truth; honoring a lack of interest in past fascinations. It sounds weird but I want to stand unburdened by the past – everything – and feel the breeze and sun, my arms open wide as I actually allow myself the experience of who I truly am. I feel this with such intensity that sometimes I think I could jump out of my skin.

Standing in this inner space, I ask myself again. What is the relevance, right now, of all my life experiences? Well….having lived 82 years, I consider my life to this point as rich compost, realizing the fertile ground it provides for new growth. Perhaps that is the true relevance of all my experiences to this point. So much yet to contemplate. Tell me what comes up for you and your journey?

Just now, as I write this, it occurs to me that I want to be more thoughtful about drawing quick conclusions of what I may be learning in any moment. Pay exquisite attention to the present moment I tell myself. The Divine is communicating all the time, in every way, in every experience.

So long for now. Observing with interest what experiences the Divine may present in that receptive, fertile ground.

In Light and Love,  Hedi

10 thoughts on “#34 The Relevance in the Present of Past Experiences

  1. Hi Hedi, you’ve given me permission to think harder about what my own aspirations are for learning and “being”. I suppose I am finding that I must “learn” every day in order to do better at “being.” A Zen master would probably be very disappointed with that plan, but I continue to keep learning things I wish I’d known so much sooner. NOt quite ready to let go of learning! But it is exhilarating to read of your commitment to experiencing the present moment as you describe. Looking forward to talking with you about this…


  2. Wonderful post. Beautiful thoughts. I also am finding grace in remembering that we are all growing and changing at every moment. Love and looking forward to seeing your place!


  3. A quote from “Being with Dying” by Joan Halifax.

    Maintaining the story of ‘I’ is exhausting. Defending the ‘I’, promoting the’I’, accumulating merit for the ‘I’ can wear you out. On the other hand selfless compassion can be energizing. We feel the world through itself, beyond the boundaries of our story line. We let our experience be, no longer trying to grasp what we like or to defend ourselves against what we fear.

    Thanks for sharing, Hedi, and getting our wheels of mind turning back to present moment experience.


  4. Hedi, What a splendid post!I especially cherish your expression ” Exquisite attention to the moment”  for me it translates exactly what  might be a real spiritual life.  Anyway it is my motto for awhile or may be for ever.And bless Susan for being such a compassionate and fun companion in your new home and life.Love to you ma chérie.  Fanou


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