#31 An Expression of Deep Concern

How to begin this attempt to unravel my preoccupation of these days. Of the several strands and ongoing levels of experience, there is only one I feel moved to address right now. No matter how much I want to distance myself from all the venomous words flying around in our political arena, I have only brief times of success. Most challenging to me is the lack understanding, from my point of view, about what is at stake in this election.

It is painfully clear that, strong fears come up when I hear one of our candidates rant, just like I remember Hitler doing, in my childhood. Worse is my sometimes panic when I see people actually following such a person. To me, he represents a great darkness that threatens not only our country but the world. In the face of that, I simply cannot understand why any thinking person would not support the only candidate who can stop this from happening.

That candidate is a woman. I cannot help but say some things which risk sounding a little too woo woo. Nevertheless, just symbolically, I keep thinking of her as a warrior goddess. Historically, these beings were not submissive, little helpless women. Nor is our present champion without flaw. But we do know she is battle hearty and has survived many attempts to eliminate her influence. She may not be the fantasy ideal of some but she is the best chance we have of averting the unimaginable, the descent of darkenes all over the world. What Hitler did will be minor by comparison if she does not prevail in this election. This is so clear to me and I simply cannot grasp why it is not obvious to everyone.

Sadly, at times I think that we still carry in cellular memory our feudal lives when we looked to the aristocracy to take care of us and where women were kept ‘in their place’. Are we simply living a modern version of that? Can we wake up in time and do what we must? For those who are concerned about one thing or another in her background, I ask this. If you had experienced as many attacks as she has, even lost a huge election, while doing her best to serve humanity, what would you have done. I know that I would not keep putting myself out there.

Whatever her short comings, I am clear that she is a humanitarian and has dedicated her life to doing what she can to make this a better world. No one else is running who has a life which demonstrates that. Our beloved Bernie knows this. I want his influence and partnership with her to prevail for the good of all.

Having said all this, I aspire to rise above my fears and concerns for our country and little planet. I dedicate myself to standing with the Beings of Light and to strengthening the in-pouring of the Light in all the ways I am able.

In Light and Love, Hedi





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