#30 Standing in the Unknown


The frenzy, to share what I keep learning, is gone. The motivation to blog has taken on some different shape. Not sure exactly what that means. I do know that it reflects yet another shift within me. These changes seem to keep speeding up. What is all this adding up to you might ask, as I do ask myself. Since I don’t have the answer, I decided  to honor the urge to start writing this blog and see what wants to be written, if anything.

Waiting, waiting, waiting…….OK, here is a thought……I seem to be spending more time thinking about putting into action the things I’ve been learning. But not action in the old ways, like create a course; develop a seminar or workshop; or study group or new routines or programs for myself. Now this may sound strange but I’m seeking for ways to simply BE what is emerging in me. As it applies to my physical being for example, I believe that the body is programmed to be healthy and heal itself when it is not. All I have to discover is what obstructs that  natural process and what supports it and of course follow through with action.

To do this, I continue study and listen to what other people have learned. But I once again have found that tuning into my own body’s wisdom is the most reliable guide. This presently has brought me to integrating many approaches about food for instance; trusting that and simply being with it.

Let’s see, is there anything else?…….Since establishing The Refuge (see blog #29), I feel very much at peace. I see it evolving as a peaceful energy center accessible to those who feel drawn to it; maybe just for conversation, reflection, a friendly, safe listening presence. There have been times in my life when I wished I could call someone who would just listen to me and travel with me in spirit as I sorted out my struggles. I can be that person for others. I’m glad that this is something I can still do. And some people have indicated an interest in being supporters of The Refuge, so that it can be available to others. That is so heartwarming and I thank you. I am grateful for how the Divne works through us all.

Although I’m experimenting with a number of things and have an active life, non of that wants to appear in this blog. Maybe this was a starting point for my new cycle and all will become clear in time.

Ultimately, it boils down to this. I have stepped into the Unknown again and am choosing to be there. In this place, there is an inkling of something familiar and warm yet completely on some new plane of experience. I get little glimpses when I can be there fully and leave all my preconceived notions and dearly held beliefs behind. As I keep finding out, the pull of the familiar, well trodden is very strong. Gratefully, this does not discourage me. Sometimes I’m even amused. I’m always fascinated with the mystery of this earth plane school.

Well my dears, this seems to be it for today. I would love to hear from you. If you reply on the blog, it will be there for others to benefit from your response.

May your days be filled with the joys of exploring the mystery of the Unknown.

In Light and Love, Hedi

10 thoughts on “#30 Standing in the Unknown

  1. I appreciate you reminding us that it can be very safe to trust that “way will open,” and that it is not necessary to push too hard. As someone who has enjoyed your “refuge,” I am glad that you are feeling affirmed in your decision to stay put and make yourself and your space available for fellowship. Thanks for updating us on where you find yourself these days, and I will look forward to continued updates.


  2. The phrase “familiar, well trodden” resonates with me, as I have been thinking about two roads, and the one feels lonely but is the one I feel called to. Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken” is going through my head along with the lovely choral music “Frostiana” by Randall Thompson (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqotLc73va0). The poems themselves can be download here: http://passiveechoes.com/files/Frostiana_Lyrics.pdf. The first one is “The Road Not Taken”. Thinking of “way will open”, I noted the lines
    Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
    I doubted if I should ever come back

    Thank you, Hedi, for all your sharing.


    1. Bob, Maybe the going occurs even as we stay. I do not think there is a desire to come back as one goes through open door after open door. A multi level, simultaneous experience even as we are grounded on the physical plane. Make sense?


      1. Yes, it makes sense. The “deification of the world” in Vivekananda’s words, “The Divine Milieu” by de Chardin, and the next to the last saying of Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas: “… the father’s kingdom is spread out upon the earth, and people do not see it.”


  3. I am filled with gratitude and wonder every time I see one of your blogs announced on my email, and yet I have never taken the time and effort to let you know that and just say to you dear Hedi, thank you, you are an important part of my life.
    Your profound ability to listen, your open heart and your place have always been and are for me synonym of refuge, so what was a learning for me from your blog was the clarity, certainty and simplicity that gave you the possibility to put a name on something that has always be there; the difference is probably a new plan of awareness and of action.
    A bientôt! Tendresse Fanou


    1. Thank you for your dear response dear Fanou. I appreciate your thoughts and support. How I wish we could sit and sip tea and chat, as we so often have in the past. Love, Hedi


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