#28 Releasing Old Forms

Finally, a concrete movement of enough significance to focus my energy in a clear direction. The concept of releasing, letting go of what is completed or outdated is one which has been with me for many years. It is basic in the Ageless Wisdom teachings of which I am a student. Here is an example of my most recent experience demonstrating the release of an old form.

For over twenty years I’ve been conducting retreats, the  last few years here in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. I kept thinking that I would continue to do this  for as long as I was able to manage physically and people were interested in coming. I was especially happy with the beautiful Wild Acre location, where I saw myself returning year after year into the future. At my age, I never know how long that will be.

About a week or so ago, I was preparing for the Spring retreat. Then, during a normal kind of conversation, a door within me snapped open. Discussing the registration with Abbie, she said something like, good, it looks like we are having a retreat. Nothing extraordinary. But after our conversation, I reflected on my inner reaction to those words. It had never occurred me that there would not be a retreat. However, as I kept thinking about it, I suddenly had an inner knowing that this particular form of service has been completed.

Next came the, how to bring this to a conclusion. Well, I thought, make next year my last retreat. However, before the day was out, I knew that was not the inner guidance. Ah, I thought, probably this year is it. I settled on that even though I realized that, in a kind of energetic way something was different for me this year.

Then Abbie, who coordinates everything to make the retreat possible, developed a health issue. It became immediately clear to me that the retreat needed to be cancelled for this year. I took her situation as one more sign for a direction. Fortunately, she turned out to be OK. But the message to me was clear. No more retreats.

I see again how attached I had become to this form (retreat) and the amazing people who came and shared such beautiful moments. I can honestly say that I have loved every moment of these experiences and feel so grateful for the privilege of having had them.

Interestingly, this has now started a cascade of other forms I am preparing to release. More about that later. Presently, I find myself energized and full of curiosity about where all this is leading. Some people have asked whether I am preparing to die. Well overall, of course, yes. But nothing specific health wise, as of this moment, has led me to these decisions. I trust that direction from the Invisible Presence found its way into my consciousness and that in this instance, I was able to recognize it. I keep looking for the more subtle signs, hoping to avoid the cosmic two by fours to get my attention.  Having been a recipient of a number of those, I am highly motivated to pay attention.

I have to say the obvious, are these not fast moving, amazing times we live in. About a week ago, non of this was even on my radar! Naturally, this is not intended to minimize all that is going on everywhere on our little planet. But let’s remember that it is all a multidimensional happening and keep that in our awareness also, as we continue to do all we can to wake up.

In Light and Love, Hedi

4 thoughts on “#28 Releasing Old Forms

  1. It is always a gift when a sense of certainty accompanies our decisions. I am happy to read that you are feeling led by such a feeling and are able to respond to it. I will be curious to see what is next on your path. You are a light to so many of us..so we will be paying attention!


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