#27 Good Will The Path to Peace

My friend Abbie and I just participated in a planetary meditation with James Twyman, the Peace Troubador. The general intention of this collective energy was to direct it toward peace in Syria and the region.

During this fifteen minute time of focus and visualization, an image of a huge wave of peace, the size of a tsunami, moving over the land there came to me. At first it seemed some
thing like rolling in fog which eventually became a beautiful green color. Ultimately, it spread all around the globe. There was a very palpable sense of this actually happening.

In thinking about this after the meditation, I remembered one of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings. In essence, that to which you give thought and energy will become stronger. This means for example that, rather than rageing against war and feeding that energy, I can be passionate about creating peace. I remind myself that of course this does not require me to be passive about all the things which I abhor. It is a matter of the most effective approach to bring about change.

My mind then wandered to our present political situation and how this principle may apply. As Abbie and I discussed what could counter the often toxic aspects of the current process, the word goodwill popped into Abbie’s mind. In pondering on that, it seems to fit. Goodwill has to do with both an attitude and action that respectfully support the greater good of all. I can imagine the overwhelming participation of citizens, if goodwill was present in all aspects of the political process.

To put these thoughts into action, I plan to stay alert to approaching everyone in my daily life with goodwill. To listen to the news enough to be an informed citizen but to not get caught up in its emotional turmoil. To imagine the energy of goodwill growing every day and moving like a wave all over our beloved country. Are you interested in joining me in the effort?

May goodwill prevail.

In Light and Love, Hedi


14 thoughts on “#27 Good Will The Path to Peace

  1. Hello, Hedi! Nice to see your message! I participated in the meditation this morning too. Am reading his book, Emissary of Light. Very instructive and inspiring! I had an extra good day at work today 😀


  2. yes, interested in joining you! I have seen that James Twyman is now calling for a meditation for peace in Syria for an entire week. I celebrate this! Yes to goodwill. Very timely, as I have succumbed a bit to the emotional realm with regard to the current campaign. I want to stay focused on that which I want to see, rather than on that which I do not want to see! Helpful reminder.


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