#26 Pulling Free From The Past

Freeing myself from the molasses like strands that hold me to outworn, outdated, habitual thinking and ways of being, is much on my mind these days. We of course realize that, knowing and doing are not the same. I value them pretty much equally. Roberto Assagioli’s (founder of Psychosynthesis} caution is relevant to remember here. He said that if we do not put into action what we learn/know, we eventually become unmotivated, indolent. I can’t say I’m at that point. But I hover in the neighborhood.

This past month has once again brought to my awareness that old triggers and responses still reside in me, much to my disappointment, yet again. Having decided to slow down to find inner calm, I’ve been trying to discover what new pattern may want to emerge. As I keep tinkering with that some things have become clear. One is that, unless I listen daily to some audio or video with new or inspirational content, I have difficulty engaging and putting into action what I know already. This does not mean being “busy” and even encourages simply “being”(not passive either). It’s hard to explain what I mean exactly. Primarily, I think, it’s an attitude and ability to live on two planes simultaneously as I mentioned in my last blog. It is being calm and alert and engaged at the same time for example. It also means I return to listening to something daily.

If I believe that we are all One (and I do), then what anyone says or does is an opportunity to listen carefully and pay attention to the message, to what can be learned here. It is not to get distracted by what a particular kind of communication or behavior may have triggered in me in the past; not to get sucked right back into the molasses by one of my little unevolved selves.

This brings me to the present moment. Having lived  life this past month from a number of my various subpersolities (aspects), and having compassion for the times of struggle, I did free myself from a few strands. And that is good. In a more integrated place again, I move on to the next opportunity. Once again, more aware of how the experiences of the past find their way into the present moments of my life, I feel encouraged by the on-going chances the Divine gives me to keep waking up.

May you be blessed with those opportunities too.

In Light and Love, Hedi

2 thoughts on “#26 Pulling Free From The Past

  1. Once again, Hedi, thank you for the relevance of your experience. Lots to observe and integrate into my daily life. Hugs, Sharon


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