#23 In Search of Inner Calm

These past months have felt like a feverish devouring of information that was new and compelling and exciting and so stimulating. I felt as though I had fallen into some other dimensional vortex of energy which kept me enthralled. Along the way, I had passing moments of awareness that this inner frenzy of exploring new worlds and the urge to share all with any patient, kind soul willing to listen, was too much. But I kept on. I mean how can I stop learning about the quantum field, quantum healing, Epigenetics, the new levels of the body, mind, emotions research, all kinds of inter connectedness – most recently the brain-gut . While I was in the depths of learning about the microbiome, my body finally suffered the brunt of all this. My blood pressure reached numbers that finally got my serious attention.

Avoiding blood pressure medications is a high priority for me. And normally, with meditation and some relaxation exercises, I am able to stabilize. However, this time I could not. I believe this is due to some other life events which occurred at this time and brought forth old WWII memories of my childhood and some other difficult life experiences.

Being in a rare panic mode, my friend MarionZ came over. I felt better the moment she walked in. Finally here was my ally, I was not all alone trying to find a solution. Our first intervention was, let’s forget about this and play RummiKub, a tile game we both love. I also had an appointment with my acupuncturist who had wise words too from a holistic perspective. Eventually I got to meditate and ask my body what it was trying to tell me. In essence, the response was that I needed to find my inner calm again. That all this hyper drive has been stressing my body, my precious community of trillions of cells.

It all made sense to me. I’m in process of thinking and taking action. First step, a vacation from Facebook. Then taking time to integrate what I’ve been studying, being even more conscious of pacing my activities, re examining which changes of recent months to continue or modify. Listening to and trusting what my body communicates. A good reminder, again, is that when I just have a strong resistance to continuing something, it is not that I’m being lazy or negligent.

One example of this is my decision to drink green juice only four days a week, rather than seven. About two weeks ago, I just did not want to drink even that much. Then I read an article about some constituents in spinach and some other greens which can actually irritate joints and cause some other issues. In consultation with healer and intuitive friend Sharon, it turns out the max my body tolerates safely for a week is two green drinks. Happily this works smoothly, without any resistance.

My blood pressure again responds to meditation and relaxation exercises. More calm generally is present. A Celtic Psalter with morning and night prayers, which friend Abbie sent me a while back, is again part of my daily ritual that feels like a balm on my soul. I’m finding my way back to more chanting, singing, toning.

And so,  I’m on the journey toward creating more calm within myself. From this place it will become clear how to proceed. Stay tuned. Be calm.

In Light and Love, Hedi

12 thoughts on “#23 In Search of Inner Calm

  1. Dear Hedi – Thank you for your words of wisdom! I truly appreciate your writings. I await to see what your experiences are with the ancient oils.


  2. Thank you for letting us know about this challenge and how you dealt with us. Good life lessons throughout. I think I’d recommend a break from Facebook for most of us — ha ha! Sounds like you are finding some gratifying and health-inspiring ways to spend your day. Can’t wait to enjoy Rummikub with you, too. A wonderful tonic!


  3. Thank you Hedi for sharing what you are learning . It is important to us, your students and friends. I appreciate being reminded to stay calm, breathe , in 4, hold 4, out 4 and hold four. And to listen to this wise woman within.


  4. DearestHedi,
    Thanks so much for your sharing our thoughts and experience (wisdom) and for taking such good care of yourself…and for scheduling the 2016 Retreat. I’m looking forward to it already. I’m sending a big hug and lots of love to you with this note,


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