# 22 Some Thoughts About Dying

Due to the death of a family member, I have again been thinking of this experience every human being undergoes. It’s not only because I’m 80. This has been a more or less steady interest most of my life and stems from my always wondering where we come from and who we truly are.

The broad strokes of my thinking are that, we are Cosmic explorers finding ourselves in the hard to get into school in our galaxy, Earth. The loving One, of whom we are a part, allowed us this choice to help further a much greater plan. This plan of planetary, solar and cosmic dimensions can at most be only glimpsed by us mortals.

Nevertheless, enough is made available for anyone interested to look for the information. Having done some of that, I believe we are Divine Beings, much beloved and supported by the One in whose body we are each one cell. I am comfortable with thinking of this One as Source, God, Father, Mother, Presence, Light and many other names in various traditions.

There is a continuity of consciousness, our essence (Soul), which inhabits and animates the physical body and exists independently on its own plane. When it is time, it withdraws from the physical body and returns home to Source.

This sketchy view of mine then brings me to the human experience of dying. Since we have forgotten who we are in the process of incarnating, we identify the physical body with who we are. Until we wake up enough to realize who we truly are, we face death with fear rather than a happy opportunity to go home.

However, I hasten to add that, the human experience is a precious gift to be cherished and lived fully, with passion. It is just that for myself I want the end of the earthly time to be one of dignity and no artificial heroics to keep me here. Those near and dear to me, I feel certain, are getting tired of my mantra ‘ if I’m gone, do not resuscitate me, please’.

Having said all this, be assured that I have my moments of concern about my journey. But I keep thinking dignified, peaceful, joyful, the veils having thinned, being aware of the Light Beings surrounding me and welcoming me. We are afterall companions of many life times and transitions like this. The One who sent us will not abandon me during this great transition. I will be received by the One Love, home again.

There is so much more to be said on this subject but this is what seemed to want to be written. It is actually quite different from what I had expected to write. I’m always very curious about that.

In Light and Love, Hedi

4 thoughts on “# 22 Some Thoughts About Dying

  1. Hedi, thank you for sharing these thoughts. I do not ponder these things as deeply as you have done here, so you’ve given me some good things to think about. I do think about the “Powers of Ten,” a website that takes you “up and out” to experience the vastness of the universe and then “down” to sub-atomic particles. Our ability to comprehend things that are not at human scale is extremely limited. Today in meeting I was thinking about the fact that a particle of light travels at the amazing speed of 186,000 miles/SECOND, and yet we talk about astronomical distances in light YEARS — the distance starlight must travel from its source at that incredible speed for a YEAR (or more) before we see it. Whew! No wonder so many things feel mysterious to us.


    1. Helene, Yes. Even a brief reflection beyond our day to day life, brings us face to face with mystery. The splendor of it all is simply mind boggling – mine for sure:))
      Your thoughts bring joy to me on this night of the Libra full moon, the energy keeping me awake.


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