#20 Electromagnetic Frequencies and Health

This past week I experienced an injection of motivation to get more serious about electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) in my environment. I have been aware of and concerned about this for some years and have taken somewhat half-hearted steps to address it. However, for the past few days I’ve been reading Dr. Robyn Benson’s #1 best seller, The Healthy Conscious Traveler; 8 Pathways to Smart and Effortless Travel. What she talks about certainly applies to travel but the book is filled with self-care in day-to-day life wherever we find ourselves. As a world traveler and practitioner as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, she speaks not only from her own experience but that of the many patients she sees as well. I found the wide range of whole book fascinating but am mainly placing my focus on EMF at the moment.

On some abstract level we know that we are surrounded constantly by all kinds of EMFs. Artificial frequencies come from our Wi-Fi, cell phones, microwave ovens, clock radios, lap tops, on and on from all our electrical devices. These frequencies are pollutants, harmful to our cells and the cause of many health issues. Benson goes on to say that every cell in the body is designed for low frequency, somewhere between 5 to 25 hz. These are the normal frequencies of the earth, our dear mother earth and required for the immune system, the organ systems, actually our overall health, period.

The problem is that we are exposed to man-made frequencies she says range from 60 hertz to 2.45 gigahertz. I don’t even know what that means, but it’s a lot. There is so much more detail about exposure during travel of all kinds but especially while flying. It truly is worth knowing how to protect ourselves as we keep finding out about the challenges to stay healthy in airplanes. If this subject interest you at all, this is a must have reference book. She is very generous in providing websites, sources, reference materials for all the products, herbs, protections she describes in detail. One item I would like to have immediately is a Gauss meter with which I could check the EMF concentrations in my house from stem to stern.

Since I’m pretty sensitive to energy around me, I actually finally confirmed what I have suspected in my bedroom. Yes, I’m still on a mission to get good natural sleep. You may remember in an earlier blog that getting blackout drapes helped with better sleep. Even though I’ve made a number of changes which have helped, I still have nights during which I’m sleepless and feel something like static all around me. That’s as close as I can come to naming it anyway. Since from all I’m learning, natural sleep is the one absolutely, most important health support, I keep working on it. Check the Sleep blog for more.

Moving on with this tale. The night I finished this book, I had a sleepless night and decided to take some action. I moved my beloved Bose radio away from my bedside table. I disconnected the Wi-Fi which is in a space sharing a wall with the bedroom. I immediately felt the difference. It seemed like the room was more quiet, a deep silence was all around me. I fell asleep.

I’m continuing to disconnect the Wi-Fi before bedtime. On my list is finding a connection that will allow me to use my iPad and laptop without Wi-Fi. I’m figuring out how to switch the portable phone at my bedside with the landline in another room.

There is so much more but these are my immediate steps. Not only for sleep but for every one of my dear trillions of cells. Oh yes, and the brain is very sensitive to all this EMF pollution. And of course the children. And frequent travelers, do read this book, it is full of so much information. Oh what the heck, everyone alive in this environment needs the information Benson provides in this book. Go for it.

Do share your experience. I’m so curious about it all. For now, I think I’ll give all this a rest and go read a good novel. Giving the mind a rest is good too.

In Light and Love, Hedi

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