#15 Space and Time

In the midst of everything else actively percolating in my mind, I have these random thoughts which escape my ability to package neatly. It’s about the quantum field, generally speaking. This of course underlies everything else I’m talking about, thinking about. On my very simplistic level of comprehension, I think about this field as the smallest, least dense, most subtle energy which science has been able to identify. No doubt there are many more levels to be discovered.

Nevertheless, even at the quantum level, it has been determined that, in its essence, everything which exists is part of this field, made of it. This includes everything from an atom to the trillions of galaxies. We are always in it and of it. I often think of all the sea life in the oceans. Their entire world is the water. Some exceptions are the whales and dophins and some fish which live in two worlds since they do leap out of the water boundary. Even so, that too is part of the quantum field. But it gives me a glimpse into what the inhabitants generally may consider as the all of existence. We can imagine from this little example that all of existence is actually only an opportunity to penetrate, sequentially, boundary after boundary till we reach the stars and beyond. The quantum field has no boundaries. It’s mainly our inability to penetrate the possible consciously.

If we can shake ourselves out of our lethargy and sleep, we can access this field and become initiators, cause in our lives, not feeling helpless and victims of circumstances. There is the concept of the zero point (not the therapy practice.) It goes something like this. We are constantly shifting between our usual level of awareness and the quantum field. This alternating happens in nano seconds. We do not realize this because we are so focussed on our learned, habitual reality. If we could be alert in these moments, where we exist in our perfection, and bring that back with us, we could have a sponteneous healing for example. More significantly, we would experience our Oneness and connection with all that is. With that reality, imagine the possibilities. Every human, animal, flower, mineral is connected and essential to the whole. In this context everything has consciousness, on different levels, is sacred and requires a caring and dilligent attention in our day to day life.

Being part of the quantum field somehow allows communication at great distances, even light years. As I mentioned in an earlier Blog, scientists have proven this but they do not know how it happens. To this day they still call the process, which Einstein coined, as the Spooky Action at a Distance.

So, I can get my head somewhat around this. I think about sound traveling long distances in the water; or all the information floating in our air space needing only some device for capturing the information. It makes sense to me that if I could tune my vehicles (physical, emotional, mental) to higher frequencies, (through meditation and other practices) all kinds of contact and  boundary crossing would be possible. Not for frivolous purposes but to discern direction for serving humanity and realizing more fully the purpose for which we incarnated.

In addition to the challenges to grasp even a little of this space, distance, connection situation there is something even more amazing. Or more correctly perhaps, equally so. It is that thing  about the fluidity of time. Talking about the past seems misleadingly straight forward. We often say, that is in the past, forget it, can’t change it. But now we are talking about the future also being accessible, literally. The past, present, future a fluild continuum and open to be entered at any point from our ‘now’. I am just searching for a foothold on which to find the first steps. Aside from the idea of it and things I’ve read in books, like Jane Robert’s Seth material in the 70’s, Edgar Cayce, the Ancient Wisdom teaching and others, I’m not finding a way to experience this continuum right now. I’m stilI blind to the clues I know are all around me. I do admit though, that I observe my mind repeatedly finding its way to this topic. Very interesting.

As I said at the beginning, random thoughts. Having written some of these down and sharing them may help to move this quest along.  Any thoughts you are willing to share would delight me. I look forward to exchanges with others who are as fascinated with this subject as I am. In a conversation with a friend the other day I heard myself say, ‘ everything is a crucible for the possible on the Spiritual journey.’ May it be so.

In Light and Love, Hedi

2 thoughts on “#15 Space and Time

  1. HI Hedi, et al,
    Thanks for this posting, thoughts today on the quantum field, our process of gradually knowing more and suggestions that there are many ways to use this understanding to help humanity in its consciousness evolution, to help our earth, beings, etc. etc. I think my curiosity with this all began with attending Unity, then psychosynthesis studies with you, furthering with Science of Mind studies, most clearly first depicted to me in “What the Bleep Do We Know?” ( watched this movie 5 times within about 2 months in the theatre, there was so much interesting information, science, to chew over, reinforcing beliefs with the quantum physics research. Finally, Dahn Energy Yoga, now called Body and Brain Yoga, gave me the physical experience of energy, connection, a regular practice that added this dimension in a way that I needed. The principles, used on ancient energy wisdom, meridians, chakras, etc., combined with neuroscience research, has continued to inform me, for my own healing and helping others, in class and in my therapy work.

    I say all this to offer additional resources to others and to marvel out loud at the ways in which humans have known this and discovered and articulated it over the centuries, always coming back to the energy essence of LIfe, guiding principles and natural laws of Life’s behavior, the true, central “divinity” of all of us, all of life, and our amazing connections. When I rermember, I am so lifted. Lately I’m helping myself remember by considering my Soul my ever present committed LIfe Partner. Daily reading, brief meditations, sometimes longer 3 level ones (psychosynthesis’ reflection, reception, creative), plus reading this blog, all help. When I ground here during the day, the rest all seems to go so much better, happier and enjoying the beauty and brilliance of spring as it’s unfolding, blossoming and brightening each day. Thank you, all.

    On into the day. LIght and love to you each and all,

    P.S. Right now, the latest book by Il Chi Lee, by founder of Dahn Yoga, is free to all for the price of shipping. If you’re interested, It’s “The Solar Body, the Secret of Natural Healing” Available by going onto bodynbrain.com/madison-wi website and ordering it from there. Once ordered, you can also take a Solar Body check up and down load the free Solar Energy Circuit Cards, a have a free week of classes if there’s a center near you. You can also read about the new center opened in Madison, a dream come true for me, where at I now volunteer, teaching classes and creating community while working on improving my own physical condition.


    1. Mimi, thank you so much for your generous sharing. Pursuing the next step of the journey has been a high priority for you all the years I’ve known you. I’m so glad you’re teaching and sharing along the way. Blessings as you continue. Love, Hedi


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