# 14 The Green Juicing Adventure

Once again, my determination to move a few goals from thinking and talking about to doing has taken a while. Happily I can share that since my last post, I did accomplish conducting a retreat in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina with a group of powerful souls; did settle on a name for these posts (thanks to help from friends); have a temporary header too and have some ideas for it’s next evolution; and finally am writing about my juicing adventure.

Before I proceed with that, a little recap of what this is all about for me. You may remember that our state of health on all levels is greatly influenced by the healtlh of our trillions of cells. Their health is determined by their environment, the body chemicals surrounding the cell receptors. The source of these chemicals include our thoughts, feelings (which the brain converts to chemicals and immediately sends to every one of our trillions of cells), foods we eat, air we breathe, pollutants in our environment and many more. If we tend to these, at least it is a beginning to support our goal for good health.

Good healtlh, allows more freedom for the spiritual journey. All of life, of course, is part of the journey but I’m always grateful when my healtlh state is not requiring so much attention. At the moment however, my health is demanding a focus which is leading me to interesting and unchartered territory. I see it all as part of my spiritual path. That is what matters most to me, the spiritual journey I mean.

In my last entry I talked about the importance of sleep. Because it is so basic to good health, I mention it here again. Having put up black out drapes has made a big difference for me. All is not perfect, but much better. I encourage you to tend to this very basic body need. Remember that it is during sleep that, among many other functions, the brain cleaning happens.

Now, on the nitty gritty of juicing. Almost 40 years ago, when I was recovering from uterine cancer, I grew and juiced wheat grass daily for about a year. Subsequently, I did some other juicing now and then but have not been doing much green juice for many years. My conclusion about the why of green juicing is simple. Green vegetables are anti-tumoral; they have a huge number of other constituents on which the cells thrive, need for repair, eliminate inflammation and keep the body healtlhy. And I simply could not eat the quantity of raw, organic vegetables it would take to get the equivilant of the juice.

And so starts the journey of having green juice at least four to five times a week. It started with finding a recipe, buying the organic vegetables, digging out the juicer, juicing, drinking it, cleaning up. Except for the drinking,  I could only accomplish this with the help of a lovely young woman who has been helping me for almost two years. Because she is not here regularly, the whole process would depend on me if I was to go forward with this. Sadly, I concluded that this was beyond me to execute.

As often happens, within a short time of feeling somewhat defeated, I thought of another solution. A few months ago, the Healthy Home Market opened a store in my neighborhood. More important, they have an organic vegetable juice bar. Eventually, I worked it out to have people pick up enough juice for four or more days. As soon as it arrives, I place eight ounce servings in little glass jars and freeze them, leaving a little space on top so the jar won’t shatter as the juice freezes. At night, before I go to bed, I take one out to thaw and drink it first thing in the morning, while it is still nice and cold. I cannot begin to tell you the relief of this simple solution. And along the way, it feels good to support the store providing this service.

For clarification, yes it is better to drink the juice immediately after jucing. But as Cherrie Calbom, the Juice Lady, in the Anti-Inflammation Diet book says, most people do not have the time to juice every day. I am following her suggestions and feel good, knowing that now I’m doing one more thing to keep the 50 to 100 trillion members of my little community happy.

May you find ways to keep your little cells happy too. Let me know how it goes with you.

In Light and Love, Hedi

2 thoughts on “# 14 The Green Juicing Adventure

  1. Dar Hedi, I will be getting right on the juicing when I return. I just saw a quote by Hippocrates that said “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” Glad your retreat went well. Love, Gail

    Gail Goforth 479 Fenton Place Charlotte,NC 28207 704 641-3827



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