# 12 Cell Memory – three. The Unconscious

The unconscious/subconscious is thought to basically run all aspects of our life. As said earlier this part of us was programmed in utero and especially the first seven years of life. Everything we hear, see, feel, sense, experience from those around us during that time is soaked up indiscriminately and is the program that runs us 90% to 95% of the time. According to this view when we are thinking or engaged in a focused way, the automatic keeps everything going. Hopefully as we explore the multidimensional being we are and keep waking up more and more, we can at least adjust the program to be congruent with our wishes, desires and aspirations, as Bruce Lipton says.

The cells then have memories of these early patterns and keep perpetuating them. If we wonder what our subconscious programming is and want instant information, Bruce Lipton says, look at your life. It is a print out of your program, of all that works and is good as well as, what is a challenge and does not work well. His approach is to re-program the unconscious once the problem/s are clearly identified.  He believes this can be done in a matter of minutes with one of the approaches.

Here are a a couple of his ideas for how to reprogram the subconscious. One approach is hypnosis. He recommends audio tape with subliminal suggestion, using ear phones at bedtime. The Theta cycle, a hypnotic state, will then allow the new programming. The Theta brain wave cycle is similar to one achieved in meditation and the one children experience most the first seven years of life.

Another approach is, repetition, building new habits and can include the hypnosis part. These take time and perseverance.

The Belief Change Modification Process is the one he teaches and can take only seven minutes according to him. This process is connected to energy psychology and super learning. I have not experimented with this yet.

For further discussion on all this and much more here are books by Bruce Lipton; Biology of Belief, Spontaneous Evolution, The Honeymoon Effect. There are many You tube programs that I found helpful. Look for ‘Seven Ways to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind’. It may be an interview. There also are good programs in which he describes the mbasic concepts of the Biology of Belief. For some people his delivery can take a bit of getting used to but I find the content fascinating, so no problem for me.

Feel free to skip this part. I add it for those of you who also like some detail. Here are the categories of brain waves. Beta at 14 to 40 Hz;  Alpha at 7.5 to 14 Hz;  Theta at 4 to 7 Hz; Delta at .5 to 4Hz. There is Gamma at above 40 Hz but is not common and may be related to higher states. Yet to be explored.

There is so much more but this will certainly get you started in your exploration.

Till next time. Leave me a note. I’m wondering who is reading this.

In Light and Love,  Hedi

12 thoughts on “# 12 Cell Memory – three. The Unconscious

  1. Me! I am reading and enjoying new information. Love your curiosity and willingness to share with those of us who wouldn’t get there without your interest and motivation to learn and spread the word. Thank you! xooxox


  2. I am reading your information, and find it most interesting. I learn from your curiosity and desire to share information. Thank you.


  3. I”m continuing to read your most interesting blog, Hedi. I’d been waiting to make an in-depth comment, but realized I should say something now! The cell memory series has triggered two associations. One is with a comment by Evelyn Eaton, a “metis” Native American woman who wrote “The Shaman and the Medicine Wheel” and many other books. During this book she was dealing with “terminal” cancer and following Native American and Buddhist healing practices. At one point she spoke of her cells as having consciousness, little living beings with whom she communicated.
    The other resonance is with the book “Consciousness Beyond Life: The Science of the Near-Death Experience” by the Dutch cardialogist Pim van Lommel. This is an amazing work that ties together many things, demonstrating conclusively that consciousness does not reside in the brain but in nonlocal space that is independent of time and space as we know it. The foundation is quantum mechanics, which he treats in some depth. This hearkens back to your earlier posts, Hedi.
    Keep reading and writing!
    Love and light,


    1. Bob, I’m so glad you did not wait to write. And so love the connections with your readings. The non local mind reference is especially helpful. Had a conversation with a friend recently on this very topic but could not think of a good book or source to recommend. Now I have it thanks to you.
      In Light and Love, Hedi


  4. Dear Hedi,
    I’ve been waiting to read this next entry. It all makes such great sense! May the healing continue. I am grateful for the information that you explain so easily. I will continue to follow up with some of the resources you have offered. I consider your writings as healing shortcuts to quickly access just in the moment I seem to need them.

    Blessings of peace and ease,


  5. Lipton has developed a process he feels is effective, but I think there are others. People are unique and have different ways of effecting deep change. From my experience as a therapist and in my own growth process, all these years, I now believe that the EMDR process can result in permanent change to unconscious processes. Also, authentic contact with the inner child of a person as well as authentic mystical experiences also have the potential to enact deep change. Also, in my experience, very goodl homeopathic treatment can be deeply transformative.
    Thanks for sharing your explorations, Hedi!


    1. Janet, I so appreciate your comments. I totally agree with what you say. Have been focusing more on my current findings, so I’m glad for your contribution. Hedi


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