#11 Cell Memory – two

The question now becomes, how to access the experience which created the first detrimental cell environment and still persists in the memory of the cells many generations later.

This can become confusing because around every corner is a method promising the answer to any issue one can imagine. Some actually are ve ry helpful. After wandering around a few, many years ago I landed on Psychosynthesis, which recognizes that we are multidimensional beings. It is a framework for personal and Transpersonal integration. The essence of it is that,  to free our True Self and live life from there,  we have to identify the obstacles, clear them and integrate all levels of our being.

Here I have to admit to a bias. As a therapist and Psychosynthesis guide, I have  tried to avoid random archeological digs into people’s emotional history whenever possible. Even though there a exceptions at times, it has always made sense to me to first build a solid foundation with the healthy, strong dimensions of the individual. Then there are inner resources ready to deal with the problems, pursuing them in a more laser like fashion to their origin.

A good resource for gaining a basic understanding of Psychosynthesis is ‘What We May Be’ by Piero Ferrucci. There are a number of other fine authors and books. But I use this as a basic text when I teach Psychosynthesis because it is very accessible and understandable to most people. It also provides many exercises and techniques which can help anyone to begin the process of self exploration.

Through the Shift Network, I recently learned about Brendon Bays. She conducts  intensives and now also provides a course electronically, to help discover the source of cell memories which are creating problems on all levels. She healed herself from a basketball size abdominal tumor in six weeks. All medically documented.

I signed up for a five week electronic course with her which offered downloadable videos, transcripts, demonstrations, live chats, a partner to work with,  group communication, support from the staff. I must admit to going through it pretty superficially, mainly wanting to get a sense of it. Overall, I think it can be helpful and I plan to go over some of the processes more thoroughly myself. Brendon  has a book ‘The Journey’ which I have not read yet. As I understand it, the whole process is described there too.

To find what may work best for you, trust where your own intuition leads you.  As we know, when we truly pay attention and stay awake, the most unexpected can show up.

Other ways to think about this business of cell memory and healing, next time.

In Light and Love, Hedi


4 thoughts on “#11 Cell Memory – two

  1. Love that you mentioned Brandon Brays work. Her journey is similar to Psychosynthesis work in that you travel in creative imagery down to your sub conscious level and work there to free memories at many levels.


  2. I need to get cracking on reading What We May Be. This has inspired me to get back to it ASAP. Thanks for this excellent review of resources.


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