# 10 Cell Memory – one

Finally, I  simply have to move on and not give in to the thought that, I still don’t know enough, understand enough, have not integrated the information enough. It’s all true.  But I remind myself at last,  I’m simply writing about my own journey.  I can be wrong. Those of you reading this can do fact checks and follow your own threads of inquiry if you are so inclined. And here, in a nutshell, you see my life long dilemma. On a hopeful note,  this time it only took me two weeks to wake up, not years. Another reason to rejoice. I can keep on learning for as long as I’m on this planet – and beyond I assume – never mind that now- enough to handle in the here and now.

Healing cell memory: in short, there are several streams of thought about this. Heads up. It will take more than one blog. Don’t know how many. It’s one of the things that I struggled with. So silly now, in retrospect. I mean, seriously, what difference does it make that it will take more than one writing: that I don’t have a pithy sharing of all the things I’m thinking about, experiencing these days. This is just one example of how we create obstacles for ourselves and create those very cell environments we aim to avoid.

Alright then. One school of thinking is that, we have to find the original source causing the cell disruption. A big chunk seems to be attributed to the emotional realm. This could mean some trauma, abuse (not always physical), times of rage, fear, danger, injury etc, etc.

Finding the source has its challenges because so much of what drives us is unconscious. We are told that we use about 10% or less of the brain/mind. That is what I think of as the day to day operational system of which we are aware, have access to. However, 100% of the brain/mind is operational at all times. That 90%  or more unconscious part, actually is what runs our lives automatically. It has been programmed since we were born, actually before we were born and were imprinted by everything the mother experienced. The cells remember everything we heard, saw, experienced, felt from those around us from day one. At that time the little being is literally like a sponge soaking everything up.

This should give all of us pause. I often have opportunity to ask myself what is the source of some strong feeling, dearly held point of view, cherished conviction. Try it sometime.  These trying to track things down has led me to some intersting places. But, I digress.

The first step then, going down this way of thinking, is to become aware of the source/s of the problem. Certainly self reflection will be essential. How one wants to do that is wide open as far as I’m concerned. And I don’t know the answer. My sense is that we have to be courageously completely honest with ourselves and pursue the path we know is necessary  even if we resist it. I have found that a friend, guide, coach, therapist, Teacher I trust and respect has been essential for me. Having a Transpersonal  orientation was always my first criteria for choosing a guide.

Before this gets any longer, let’s stop here for today. The take away is that, the first step in healing cell memory is to find a way of discovering the source of the original damage.

More coming.

In Light and Love, Hedi

2 thoughts on “# 10 Cell Memory – one

  1. Good work, meine Liebe Tante. Keep letting it wash over you and come out to the world through your words. Even our ‘mature’ minds out here can conduct some sponging, especially when finding ourselves the beneficiaries of your rich thinking and espousing.


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