#9 More About Cells

After pondering on this for years, I finally have an additional piece of the puzzle. We are told that every cell in the body is basically replaced every year. The cells in my body today were not present a year ago. Different systems and organs have varying life cycles. Recently someone said that the cells in the eye ball are replaced every two days. This would imply that I have new eye balls every two days for example. It’s mind boggling when I think of my trillions of cells continuously being recycled.

If this is true, I’ve been wondering why we have physical breakdowns, illness, aging. We know from quantum healing that the cells are reactive to, directed by their environment. Their environment is created by food we eat, including the toxins, pollutants, genetic tinkering which may be part of it; by air we inhale, again pure, clean or not; water we drink, think of the toxic Fluoride and residue of drugs floating in most of our drinking water. Our thoughts and emotions may have even more power to create a healthly or unhealthy environment. The brain immediately transmits to every one of our 50 plus trillions of cells the chemicals which are generated by our thoughts and emotions. Then there are the traumas, the hurts, regrets, grudges which are deeply rooted in our memories and often re-lived constantly. These then continue to create the same old environemnt.

These facts are not cause for despair since we actually have the ability to inflluence most of them, potentially. It does require self reflection and a willingness to change, to release our most cherished  beliefs and prejudices, to look at all parts of ourselves, seeking only clear eyed truth and accept what we find with joy. What can be more rewarding than bringing to light what has been hiding in the dark recesses of our mind or body. Becoming aware of the obstacles brings us the opportunity to remove them. I’m chuckling right now thinking, ‘how cool is that’ but resisting telling you because it sounds too ……what?……playful?  …….maybe silly? Well that’s OK. In some ways we are all much too serious, by my way of thinking anyway.

Back to serious now. So, what causes the breakdowns to persist even with the annual overhaul of the entire body. I wish I could insert a drum roll here. Here it is. The cells retain the memories of everything.  If we have an illness for example, the cell has that imprinted in its memory. When it reproduces, replaces itself, it passes  that  on to the next generation. The new cells carry on the the tradition of the old cell. And so it keeps on going, generation after generation. I find this so amazing.  I’ve heard about cell memory and been fascinated with experiences of people who have received donated organs. They often develop behaviors, new food cravings etc. of the organ donor. But I somehow only connected the dots with what I’ve been learning about quantum healing in recent months.

The next step now is, how to deal with these cell memories so that they don’t interfere with healty cell production. Keep tuned for the next blog.

In Light and Love, Hedi

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