#8 Spooky Action at a Distance

When I started my blog a few weeks ago, I told myself to simply start and see how it would unfold. While I meant that, I did have the idea of beginning with what could be a foundation and then keep moving on till we reached the higher levels, maybe even the tallest sky scrapers, metaphorically speaking. I now have to confess that I find myself not knowing which one of my hundred little feet to put down to move forward.

Perhaps it is like someone on the Shift Network said recently, being firehosed with information. These days I often spend two to four hours following threads of information on You Tube, reading, internet. It is all so fascinating and wide ranging. Some of this comes from the Winter of Wellness program being made available by the Shift Network. For several weeks there are almost daily programs by people who present out of the box thinking kind of information. One day it may be about nutrition on another energy medicine. On top of my other usual studies, my mind has been too busy and not able to settle on only one thing to write about.

Consequently it has taken some strong will (only one type of will as we talk about it in Psychosynthesis, yet another topic), to quiet down. Have not listened to the programs these last two days and limited other enticing inputs. And here I am sharing what has been going on.

My best sense of the moving forward is that, one day it may be about cells and on another day flying around the Cosmos. It’s become even more clear that, I can only write about that which wants to be written through me. That sounds odd, I know. The words to describe it fail me and it’s the best I can do at the moment.

All this does make me think of the zig zag process of manifesting inner guidance. We are influenced in ways not always obvious or clear. We do know from quantum mechanics, so I’ve read, that we can influence and be influenced by objects, forces from even great distance. Scients have proven that this is true even of particles. Well, they have research to prove that this does happen and that the outcome is unpredictable but they do not know HOW it happens. Einstein supposedly was unwilling to accept this unpredictability and even called the process Spooky Action at a Distance. Apparently scientists to this day call it that since no one yet seems to be able to explain the how of it all. Although I imagine they have hypothesis which may soon be safe to express. Perhaps as we grow more conscious and wake up a bit more, they don’t have to fear being locked up or ostracized for their ideas.

What is most amazing to me is that everything contributes to creating the environment of the little cells, all 50 trillion or more of them in the body. And then if we consider that we each are a cell in yet a larger ‘body’, the multidimensionality and beauty of it boggles the mind. And so I continue to explore my place in this ONE of which we are all a part and revel in the Spooky Action at a Distance.

In Light and Love, Hedi

6 thoughts on “#8 Spooky Action at a Distance

  1. Oh, Hedi, I feel for what you call the “firehose” of information and the 2-4 hours you spend on threads on the web and YouTube and reading. There is so much out there containing varying amounts of insight, worthy thoughts, misinformation or incomplete information or just clutter. And it is at all levels of our society. I just signed an avaaz petition to take the US Senate to task over the fact that half its members deny the reality of human impact on climate change. They hope to take a poll of children and demonstrate that they are better informed about the basic science of climate change than the legislators of our highest body.
    But back to “spooky action at a distance”. I think of this as non-locality, which has many ramifications.In particular it starts to lay a scientific foundation for the spirit world, which to me is the crown gem of inquiry. I think serious books, and following the threads of other books may lead deeper than YouTube. One book I would like to mention is “The Spiritual Brain: A Neuroscientists Case for the Existence of the Soul” by Mario Beauregard, a neuroscientist at the University of Montreal. He is not a materialist, but as his book points out, materialism is deeply entrenched among scientists, and even more so among the most prestigious scientists. While 30-40 percent of scientists at large have some degree of spiritual or religious belief, the percent among members of the National Academy of Science is 6%.
    So whether it is US Senators denying the reality of human-caused climate change or scientists denying the reality of spirit, humanity faces a deep crisis of ignorance and attachment to limited ideas that impede our progress as human beings.
    Einstein genuinely did not feel he knew the answers to the most important questions. He is reported to have said that the most important question is: “Is the universe friendly?” I don’t know the answer either, but I am choosing to base my life on the answer being yes.


    1. Robert,I appreciate your response and reflections. First, let me assure you that there are book stacks around me for persuing threads. And thank you for your recommendation. Having recently discovered the extensive information available on You Tube, I do admit to using it more for quick reference or information. I was amazed that there are complete symphonies, courses, lengthy lectures etc.,etc.available.
      I too say, the universe is friendly. Hedi

      Yes, non-locality or the quantum field certainly provide a foundation for the crown jewel of inquiry, as you so elegantly put it. The information now available certainly makes more obvious the presence of a greater intelligence at work in the universe. Or at least can nudge open a door to thinking about this in a new way. Based on conversations I’ve had in the past with a couple physicist friends, I feel optimistic about the scientific and spiritual dimensions once again becoming united. It will require open mindedness all around and willingness to be flexible with language. Of course there is so much more. This could turn into a long conversation sometime Robert:))

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  2. Thanks to both of you for this thoughtful commentary. I enjoy knowing that people ARE spending time thinking and learning about such things.


  3. Hi Hedi.
    Glad to have made it over here and am enjoying what you share.
    I am going to put a link to your blog on mine. Not that mine gets much traffic, but who knows?
    Love and Light to you,


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