# 7 About Cells

Cells are very much on my mind and I feel the urge to write about them. However, when I sit down to write nothing orderly comes to mind. So I decided to simply start and see what happens.

One thing is clear. I have developed a tremendous respect and yes caring for these trillions of little ones that are all cooperating to keep my body functioning. They are so very sensitive and responsive to all that they are exposed to. One day I had an image of a gentle breeze flowing over a clear lake and creating gentle, beautiful, tiny, shimmering ripples. I thought that when I have gentle, peaceful beautiful thoughts, they too create a beautiful, pleasant ripple in all my cells. Then it occurred to me that angry, ugly, dark thoughts would probably pound the cells and create havoc, just like a stormy wind whips the water into a frenzy of waves and crashes on the shore, creating destruction.

Bruce Lipton says over and over that it’s the cell environment that determines the cell’s health. It feels very overwhelming when I consider all that goes into creating a health supporting, life giving environment. Maybe I’ll make at least a short list of these next time. In the meantime, it’s mental hygiene at the top of the list. Oh for the days of innocence when I actually believed the old saying that ‘what you think can’t hurt you’. Gratefully, these little beings are also very creative, intelligent and resilient. Trite but true, this body is a miracle, nothing less than a miniature cosmos.

In ending for today, I must tell you that, what finally wrote itself is not what I expected to share. I shamelessly admit that I love this experience of the unexpected.

In Light and Love, Hedi

8 thoughts on “# 7 About Cells

  1. Hedi, this is absolutely beautiful. With your permission, I’d love to print and share this at work in a class I teach. Thanks!


    1. Cindy, You are very welcome to use this for your class. I’m glad to know it speaks to you. What class are you teaching? I’m curious to know what their response will be and would welcome any feedback you’d care to share. It’s mainly out of interest about this whole process I find myself in and discovering what happens with what I was moved to write.


  2. In my first life, I was a biologist, so this framing of life experience in terms of individual cells is very interesting and thought-provoking (wherever in my cells those thoughts are being experienced!). I can’t help but wonder what their experience is in response to our sub-conscious thoughts, too??


    1. Helene, Supposedly all aspects of our life reflects our subconscious, programmed mind-which is thought to run about 95% of everything. I listened to a You Tube talk yesterday by Bruce Lipton, Seven Ways to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind. He presents some interesting information regarding the subconscious, its functioning and how to reprogram it. Both he and Joe Dispenza cover this in their books. Interesting stuff isn’t it.


  3. I enjoyed the reminder of how powerful our thoughts are and the metaphor of weather for conveying the impact of the emotional and mental weather. On a different note, I wonder if we think of ourselves as cells in the One and had the thought that “cell environment” determines cell health, what does that imply about the impact of our current economic system based on money, our political systems, our environmental and health care systems, etc? If the systems in which we cells live are not healthy, then we are not healthy, and then the One is not thriving, right? And if we focus on the “we” level, then systemic change impacts each of us in powerful ways. What I find beautiful about this is again noticing the interplay between microcosm (cell health) and macrocosm — and how that gives us many possible entryways into nurturing a better world. We can focus on our thoughts, we can focus on systemic change, and it is all about following the evolutionary call, yes? Which is calling us to deeper levels of health, well-being, love, and light, yes?


    1. As always my dear Jean, you capture what it’s all about perfectly and express it so beautifully. What you say is how I understand it too and pretty much what the people I’m reading and listening to are saying. So much to ponder and so many ways to make this a better, healthier planet. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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