#6 Epigenetics: What is it?

In these past days I’ve become preoccupied with the desire to clarify some terms and begin to weave them into the larger tapestry of my exploration. I decided to begin with the revolutionary science of epigenetics which takes us beyond the genes. It’s more or less where my most recent journey started and is still at a very superficial level of understanding. I believe I have gleaned a few of these bare facts correctly.

It began with my reading of Bruce Liption’s books, The Biology of Belief and Spontaneous Evolution. My first shock was that the nucleus was not the brain of the cell, as I had been taught many years ago. Each of the 50 trillion or so cells in my body, is a miniature me.  Each has every system my body has; a respiratory system. circulatory system, nervous system etc., etc. The brain it turns out is the membrane of the cell. The nucleus in essence is the reproductive system.

The second revelation is that genes do not have the control we have believed they have. In fact, they have no independent function but respond to environmental signals. These include perceptions, generated by the mind’s interpretations of situations, experiences, feelings. The corresponding chemistry resulting from this contributes to the environment influencing how the genes function. This works nicely with my longtime belief that what I think and feel makes a difference in my body. However the part about genes takes it all to a whole different level.

There is a short You Tube presentation that gives better and more detailed information about all this. It is well worth the time for gaining a font of worthwhile knowledge and understaning of this fascinating emerging science which we can use every day. – Epigenetics: The Science of Human Empowerment by Bruce Lipton. In it he sites an interesting research applying this information on men with prostate cancer. The outcome is quite impressive. He also talks about how these facts about genes apply to cancer in general.

I’m continuing to read and listen to his You Tube presentations and interviews. I’m a slow learner and am happy if I retain one or two pieces of information each time. It is such a challenge getting my mind to move out of its well worn, familiar grooves. Even though I accept and believe this information and new scientific evidence, I find myself over and over falling into life long habits. I’m not discouraged by this (well, not usually)  but find it energizing to find ways to live congruently with what I’m learning. After all, having a community of 50 trillion to consider is quite a wonder in my life.

And so, on to another day of experiment and opportunity and delicious discovery.

In Light and Love, Hedi

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