# 5 Living in the Now

Almost every day I hear someone say something related to ‘living in the now’. Recently I had two experiences that once again moved me to reflection on this subject.

The first experience I already described in more detail in my last blog (#4). Heard about a ballerina, happened to hear an interview with her, watched her performances on You tube, had a moving, healing experience.

The second experience occurred two days later. I wanted to re-live the experience again with a friend who was visiting. After sharing my earlier experience I suggested watching some of the dances I had watched. As we did that, my reaction was not the same. It felt pretty ordinary, pleasant but flat by comparison of my first experience.

As I kept mulling this over in subsequent days, I recalled other times of wanting to re-create an experience. The pattern was similar to these most recent ones. The first had a starting point which presented itself to me and I kept following the stream, staying in the ‘now’. The second was more or less choreographed by me because I wanted to have that same feeling again and share it with my friend. I’ll never know how our time together would have evolved if I did not have an agenda.

To be clear, I’m not saying we should stop sharing. I am saying that every moment has it’s own ‘now’ and to stay alert to that. It seems to me that it’s mostly a matter of intention. For example, my second experience could go exactly as it did. My intention though, to be in the ‘now’, would be to see how that evolves and not trying to re-create my first experience.

All this is relevant to me because, I believe that life is lived in the present moment. If I’m preoccupied with the ┬ápast and worrying about the future, I’m not living my life right now. To manifest the purpose for which I incarnated, I believe it’s necessary to pay attention, stay awake and in the ‘now’. To that I’m dedicated for as much time as I have left.

In Light and Love, Hedi

4 thoughts on “# 5 Living in the Now

  1. This post has many resonances for me, beginning with when I just saw the topic before I read the post. I was on the way to a place where I volunteer and was anticipating the usual question “how are you”. With people I care about I like to be honest and not say “fine” no matter how I feel. Although I’ve been feeling a lot of sadness these days, at that moment, driving there, I felt fine, and I realized when I got there (if I still felt the same way), I could honestly say at this moment I feel good. Then I realized I did not need the qualifier, “at this moment”, as that is the only moment there is.
    Now that I’ve read the post I certainly share the same experience of the “specialness” being at the moment it happens. For me a special feeling of grace sometimes comes as a poem. But it works against my happiness to spend too much time going back, although, as Hedi says, one should still share.


    1. Robert, This is something I have often thought about too; how to respond to the question of ‘how are you’. I might say, this is a good moment, or I’m hanging in, or this is a good day, etc, etc. with the idea of being authentic. I never thought about it in the way you shared. I’ll be adding that to my options now. Thanks. Hedi


  2. I often have this experience of a “special meaningful moment” when I read something in the New York Times, Smithsonian, or one of my other favorites. As you say, when I later look it up to direct others to it, I wonder why it seemed so special to me at the time. I am trying to practice enjoying such moments “for myself” and not feeling like they are not truly actualized until shared with others.


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