#4 A Healing Experience

It was only yesterday that I heard about Patricia McBride. My friend Cilla was sharing her excitement about this ballerina she loved, who was to be a Kennedy Center honoree on December 30. Her enthusiasm was so infectious that I quickly let go of feeling chagrined with my ignorance.

It’s intersting that, this morning there was an interview with McBride on the radio. Later I felt moved to watch her dance in several performances available on You Tube. She is so magnificent in her movements and expression. I felt uplifted, energized, transformed, happy and this still persists to the end of the day.

What does this have to do with quantum healing you might wonder. For now, I’ll keep it short. Not too difficult since honestly, what I know about physics does not even cover the head of a pin, as the saying goes. Anyway, I’m learning that the seven trillion (or so) cells in our body react strongly to environmental states. This involves our senses, feelings, thoughts, perceptions, beliefs and more. According to the emerging field of Epigenetics, it’s not the genes that determine outcomes. It’s a matter of what turns genes on or off. They have no independent function. Certainly blew my mind. Really have to update my mind.

The experience I had today is an example of creating an environment conducive to health and healing. I know this may not sound like anything new to people already holistically oriented. But there is much more when we begin to think in subatomic terms. More about all that another day. Right now I’m still basking in a state of wellbeing, knowing that my community of trillions benefitted greatly today. We are all feeling joyful.

In Light and Love, Hedi

4 thoughts on “#4 A Healing Experience

  1. helpful to remember that we can choose to create favorable conditions for well-being! choosing what to focus on, what experiences to focus on, at least to some extent. thank you. Also I love the affirmation of how much beauty matters! Art, dance, music, nature, color, poetry — these are so life-enhancing!


    1. Yes Jean, and these are the very things we often put on the ‘when
      I get time’ list. I’ve come to know from my own experience that putting those things first makes everything else easier, more pleasurable, joyful.


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