#2 Reminders for the Journey

Most days I listen to a tape on healing on You Tube. Sometimes I search for a particular person. Other times I do a random search for Quantum Healing.
Today I did the latter and wound up with an unorthodox kind of minister
I never heard of, Joshua Tongol.

It was interesting to hear how he presented some basic concepts to a group of people who may never even have considered that what they think and feel produces something. In passing he mentioned some of the people currently involved in Epigenetics and quantum healing. But did not burden the beginners with details.

Here are a couple of take aways most of us have known for years but I still appreciated the reminders and how he wove it all into his presentation.
We are way more than we think we are.
What you resist, persists.
As a man thinketh so is he.
He quoted Einstein as saying – the most important decision we will make
is whether the world is hostile or friendly.
We know that our thoughts can affect our body. However, the body can
also affect the mind.
Focus on what you want. That is where the energy then goes.
Changing the way you feel will change your circumstances.
Do what makes you feel good and happy and makes you laugh.

I know, this all sounds simple. But today, I enjoyed hearing yet another I way someone talks about things I’ve studied and explored for many years.

And so, I’m holding to my intention of simply sharing my day to day experience. I’m not listening to the little voice that says this is not worthy of sharing. I notice this and proceed with what I’ve written.

It’s a beautiful day here in Charlotte, possibly even going into the 70s.
I’m feeling joyful as I enter into the rest of this day I’m blessed to have.

In Light and Love, Hedi

8 thoughts on “#2 Reminders for the Journey

  1. Hi Hedi, your comment about following your leading to share reminded me of one of the Quaker Speak videos. It features a woman who stayed with Arnie and me for the Gathering Planning Meeting. Her name is Traci, and this video is a charming report on her faithfully following her leading to share — enjoy! http://quakerspeak.com/the-faithfulness-lecture/


  2. Dear Hedi, This post came at just the right time during a busy work day when I truly needed to pause and re-frame my intentions for enjoying the blessings of the day. Thank you, Hedi, for being such a blessing!


  3. Loved going back to the basics: “Focus on what you want. That is where the energy then goes.
    Changing the way you feel will change your circumstances.
    Do what makes you feel good and happy and makes you laugh.” Yes! Nothing that new (although I love learning about new scientific findings that support the wisdom here), but so easily forgotten in the midst of life. Part of the gift you bring is to give these reminders; we all need each other, we all need practices, to help us remember. Thank you!


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