#1 Introduction to Hedi’s Blog

November 24, 2014

Introduction to Hedi’s Blog

Dear Ones,

Not even in my wildest dreams (I’ve had quite a few) did I ever imagine that I would write a blog. I don’t consider myself a ‘writer’ but have been persuaded by my dear friend Jan L and others who know me well, that sharing my life experiences, thoughts and reflections may be of interest and possibly even of use to others. I honestly don’t know about that. But, I do have the inner urge to proceed. That is completely clear. Being a total technology novice, I’m stepping into the great big unknown, on all levels. I once again have the opportunity to follow my own well known mantra of “just begin, it will unfold”. I confess that I feel a great curiosity about the unfolding of this undertaking; even a little rush of energy as I contemplate getting started.

Forefront at this moment, is to share a little about my experience since July 2013 when I had surgery for the removal of a huge sarcoma in the left paraspinal muscle.

My MRI and CT scan in October 2014 are clear. This whole experience ultimately led me to the world of Quantum fields and Quantum healing. Almost every day brings something I wish I could tell everybody. ( Not always related to this topic.) It feels very much like the time in the 1970s when I had uterine cancer. At that time holistic healing was just beginning and not even an accepted concept.

In my late 30s my mentor and friend Pamela W introduced me to the body, emotion, mind, connection when I was a graduate student in Mental Health Psychiatric Nursing. Working with her as a graduate student on the research of David Graham, chief of medicine at the University of Wisconsin, The Specificity Attitude Theory, was a life changing time for me. My view of life and the world moved on a different trajectory after that.

A few years later in 1975, I developed uterine cancer and together we delved into everything we could find which was even remotely connected to healing. As I discovered new information I experimented and applied it to my healing. I then offered classes so that I could pass on my discovery of the moment. We have to remember that visualization, the importance of thoughts and emotional states connected to health/illness were just starting then and were considered something wacky and not credible in the health care professions. Since I believed my healing was successful with the aid of them all,  there was no ambivalence on my part. The use of color and sound was also of great interest to me.

After my current surgery, I thought to follow the healing approach I had found so successful almost 40 years ago. Of course the basics of what I learned earlier and have practiced ever since continue. However, my inner sense now was to stay quiet and just to BE; and felt very peaceful and calm. Eventually, a new cycle of truly amazing information, literally began pouring to me. I feel almost compelled to at least share my experience. If anyone finds it of interest or help then well and good. The whole beginning and follow-up of my surgery experience generally is available to read on my CaringBridge.org site under Hedi Weiler should that be of interest. I’ll be sharing more as I progress here.

These are the broad strokes at the moment.  I’m imagining that the topics will turn out to be wide-ranging and trust it all will become clear along the way.

Please feel free to circulate this blog to anyone you think may be interested.

So, I begin and ask for blessings and guidance of the Divine and those beautiful Beings who travel with me always. And of course those of you who choose to

travel along, tremendous gratitude for sharing the journey and for stepping into the

unknown with me. I cherish your companionship.

In Light and Love, Hedi

6 thoughts on “#1 Introduction to Hedi’s Blog

  1. You have been blessed with this journey through this incarnation which has now guided you to this blogging dynamic. Such a perfect gift for your inner crone to express the wisdom gained from your 80 yeaars here. Enjoy the unfolding. Judi


  2. I am looking forward to following along as your share your wisdom, Hedi. Thanks for stepping out into the unknown for the greater good.


  3. I really respect your healing journey(s) and DO want to know the things you want to share. I’m especially interested in the guidance of being, of cultivating PEACE AND PRESENCE. I think the first time I came to see you for a counseling session — you were still part of a private practice somewhere downtown if I remember correctly — you stopped me in my tracks when you told me to stop trying. What?! Even now, I can see that this pattern of trying remains in me and that it is helpful to relax it and to move into presence, trust, beingness. I did not realize the extent to which you credit quantum healing with your latest recovery and would dearly love to learn more. What I see here in your message and in your life is a way of doing that flows from presence — it’s about choosing actions — what to read, what to write, how to spend one’s time generally — that flow from the quiet place inside. This is the ongoing invitation, yes? Thank you for the reminders, the modeling, and the encouragement.


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